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Demo 2012

by All Wave

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released June 27, 2012



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All Wave Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: Life In General
I’m going to die, or I’m going to give in,
It’s not depression. Uncertainty is at it again.

It’s confusion, paranoia, sadness and rage.
And the first world problems of this modern age.

I should be grateful for living -
and I am, I swear that I am.
I want a purpose, a place, a chance to change
before sun goes down on my final day.

Because I’m at war, alone - with everyone I know
Trying to find out
trying to live out

Every day
and every decision that I make.
with infinite detail,
compassion, reason and confidence.

The doors are closing, and forcing my hand
and I’ll fight to get there before it all ends.
Life in general...
so complex, nuanced and fading away.
... life in general.
Track Name: Chain of Command
Overeducated and underpaid.
Unsatisfied, and loving every second of it.
I’m not here to upset the system
I’m just here to ask a question -

Who do you think you are?

I don’t buy into the lie written on the side
of the car we pay for, and you get to drive -
around like you are the embodiment of law
You’re just a flunkey middle man who clocks out at night.

Flashing your weapon,
and using your greatest tool:
intimidation - and looking me up and down like I’m some thug
from the streets with a gun and habit, a laundry list of priors
and looking for a ticket back to steel city - where you say “they never learn...”

drop the gun. drop the badge. look at me like I’m a man.
You’re in blue, and I’m in black. I don’t wanna hear about “chain of command.”

Justice isn’t always swift.
Justice isn’t always free.
Justice isn’t always what it’s supposed to be.
Justice for everyone.

I’m not above the rules, I’m not above what’s right,
I just want to be safe, and I just want to be free,
I don’t want to be slighted. I demand respect and equality.
Track Name: Rip It Up
Don’t ever try to stop us.
There’s nothing you can do.
To make us shut up, to make us sit down,
to make us act like you want us to.

We’re old enough, you’d think we’d know better
and that’s what makes it all the crazier.

No more making nice with everyone.

Unstoppable, and unchanging,
and still mad enough to keep screaming.

We’ll give it up when when we’ve had enough, until then,
We’ll rip it up.

It getting louder, and we’re taking it back
Sick of being pushed down like a minor threat.
It’s not a phase, it’s not a hobby, it’s a promise to everybody
that we won't stop until we rip it up.
Track Name: Hoping For Something To Happen
You’ll wake up an old man -
grey and waiting
hoping and praying
that you get what you think you’re owed.
a dream is enough if you’re willing to pave the road . . .

It’s a big risk to wait.

It’s a scary place to put your faith.

I’ve been there, spent years there,
Hoping for something to happen
Thinking the world is going to listen,
thinking it will swing around -

I’ve seen people get up and go out
and they all come back, renewed -
they took their one shot, they gave it all they had -
and now I’m telling you all: I’m through

Hoping, choking, over thinking and making excuses.

I’m starting today. Right now.

I’m making a change.

I'm getting out.