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Months of My Life

by All Wave

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Alejandro Omidsalar
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Alejandro Omidsalar Melodic hardcore from A Pregnant Light's Damian Master? Yes. Yes please, thank you. Favorite track: Stretch.
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released May 30, 2013



all rights reserved


All Wave Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: Burn Myself
I’m more desperate than I seem

There’s a fire in my voice
and a gaze from my eyes
It’s translation matters,
but only to me
I want to forget these last months of my life

I breath deep and feel shallow.

The more hold the burn in my hands-
The harder it is to fight
To let go of all the things I’m holding inside
When life becomes a mask that you forget to put on
I’m much more desperate than I’m leading on

Even alone in bed
I feel the eyes
And the fingers on the back of my neck

Some things will never leave
And sometimes the dirtiest thing burns clean

I’m trying not to stink of twenty-something desperation
For the rest of my life.
There are no more secrets that I want to hear
I can’t distract myself, I can’t hide myself

I breathe deep and feel hollow.
Track Name: Glassy Eyes
Worth more than anything
The hours wind into days
The proposition is permanence
And for the first time I feel afraid

Not that this won’t last
Because of what I am
It’s the parts in between that I’m working on
And i don’t know if I’ll ever be done.

For all the things I wish I was -
Today, in some way
It’s a measure of man at his best and worst
In very same breath

To all the reasons we’ll make it work
Through the skeptical minds and the doubtful hearts
Hold on to something stronger
Be the reason. They won't change.

I know it's worth more than anything
The hours wind into days
I’m watching my life reset itself
I’m thinking about all the ways

I almost gave up
And walked away
The worst mistake I could have ever made
To sell this short
To lose my faith
To lay face down and fade away

Not crawling but walking, slowly and sure of my stride.
Not falling but walking, slowly together through time.
Track Name: Stop
Wall to wall
Ceiling to floor
Ignore the noise outside the door
Dead in the water
Dead in the streets
Dead in the dirt’s not dead to me.

You think the one that held you down
Will turn face and pull you out?
How many lives are you willing to burn
Before you learn:

We were lost before we were forgotten
We were sold before we were born
Am I as ugly as I feel?
Am I as bad as I say?

The more I ache, the more I change
The more I start to think I can’t stop yet.

A broken mirror in a broken frame
The same lies I heard yesterday
This is the part of my history
That I will work to fix for the rest of my life

And I know you’re just wasting my time

It’s not about being better
It’s about rising above
Because the world won’t care if we lose sight
No one will see us if we fall behind.

No cost too high
Track Name: Get Back Up
I’m changing my expectations
Of what I am trying to be
I’ve been thinking about my past today
I’ve been thinking about the loss of that time

There is no explanation
For what I’ve got trapped in my mind
As it relates to the path I’ve laid out
and how i’m starting to see

Or at least I think...
If I could sit down with myself
And look over everything
And taking note of my tendencies
An image is coming into focus

A small town kid
With far from small town plans

An open road
A good life
A strong will and a fighting chance

Pushed aside
Because it doesn't fit in someone else's dreams

And if I fall down
And if I'm cut down
No matter what I will get back up
Track Name: Stretch
I can't tell if I'm young or old
All I feel is tired and bored

Used up
Shut down
Completely on my own

And I know where I am
I've been here before
I have walked these halls
Slept on these floors
Stared through these walls
And slammed these doors

Dreamed of breaking through
But I'm breaking down

I've never felt so helpless
In the lives of the people I loved

I want to hide my face
I want to go away

Where you won't find me

I've spent my life in the dark
And I don't want to be there anymore
Like a corpse that will not rot
Or like a cut that just won't clot

There is no sun where we come from
Just the light of the things we've done

And I'm reaching out with both my hands
I'm going to make it out
I'm going to have to stretch.